looking forward to the future~

pic of a sketch I'm working on right now lol fasdklfjaskl I THOUGHT it looked ok but she just looks angus lol T_T this one killed my 4b... actually. it's dead now. it's this short |-------------| <- life size but I can't finish it this week cuz we have CHAPEL. ga --- I MEAN. STRAIGHT. DDD:

well nothing's happened out of the ordinary. I dunno why I'm even updating I just felt like it I guess.

OMFG don't you get freaked out when people stare at you. I get self conscious lol D: I was at baddy today and this guy at our club kept staring at me. i was like aSDFJ:KAWRSJDF:KSAFJK:Ds STOP STARING YOU HO IS IT CUZ I HAVE A PIMPLE ON MY FACE TODAY?!?!!? D< It wasn't so bad at first cuz I thought he was gonna actually say something to me (USUALLY when you stare at someone you're gonna talk to them right?) but he DIDN'T. he just kept staring DDDD<

So, if anyone reading this is someone who stares at people for no reason continuously, I hate you. You and your eyes. ): and if you're someone who does that as well as play electric guitar, I doubly hate you so GTFO my page.

lol no im jk I love you all (: keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer....

ugh life is so boring right now. I feel like all I'm doing is waiting for laina yj and ji to get back and spend an awesome week together before going to camp. you know what's in that changeover week? mathex, physics trip and social (: why am I looking forward to mathex more than the social oh god there must be something wrong with me.

I can't wait to get back to china as well X3 screw camp, it's just a stop I have to go through before the ULTIMATE PRIZE... CHINURRR =D yaaaay cheap stuff~~~~~ man I can't wait. most ppl are like 'omfg kahunui in 27 days ahurrrrr i can't waiiit' and i'm like 'omfg china in 27 days + a month ahurrrrrrr i can't waiiiit X3'

lol this page is gonna show up on google radar now that i typed the name of our camp ):

hi random googlers (:

kk i have nothing else to rant about lol cyu bloggers... for now.


steph said...

Dayam woman. You and your hardcore pro skillz. I want pro skillage D: ...YOU'RE OFFENDING THE STRAIGHT PEOPLE AROUND YOU Lols. Funnae.

Yes, I would feel very self conscious if some random were staring at me. Then again I don't get that alot cos I'm antisocial and I just suck. Full stop. (: Lol you know what would be funny? If you went up to him and threw a spaz, and then he was like "WTF No. I was reading the board behind you. JEEZ."

Are you seriously more excited bout Mathex than social o___O ...WTF. If Laina were here she'd slap you lol. Maloo.