Good god I hate these guys. -jealousyjealousy-

I wish I could play electric guitar. D: nosrsly man lol piano is such a mainstream instrument (ok I know some piano songs are so beautiful they can make ur ears bleed but that's besides the case). And these guys' skillz make my ears bleed too. not to mention there are only a handful of girls who can play electric guitar (YUI~~~) andI WANNA LEARNNNNN =3= sigh I hate those guys in bands who play electric guitar with godly skills ): and I want their guitar too. except if it's ugly.

so it's friday...
not that long til the holidays end already 1/2way thru wtf man laina you wasted all my holiday time by inviting me out ):

I haven't started shading kim's dog
I haven't started sketching lucy's dog
haven't thought of an idea for english speech (cue steph's OMFG I FORGOT here)
haven't started kumon
haven't practised piano... orz no willpower


I managed to finish yujie's cat in one day
make a youtube video (something ive always wanted to do lolol)
watched kungfu panda (movie of awesomeness, pun intended)
I levelled my sin to 39 on maplestory ok call me a nerd shut up
mailed present & letter to melody

haha I really need to do a lot of stuff |: oh well.

cyu bloggers, will report on yujie's party on.. tues/wed if i can


steph said...

...dude don't steal ma NUMNUMNUM lols. And that generally implies eating food... so Winnae eats guitars? o_o Lols.

And no, I did not go OMFG I FORGOT... I've actually been quite aware of it. But I haven't actively tried to find a topic cos I is a lazy slob. (: ...I was thinking of doing like... little girls are growing up too fast? Cos there was a big spaz over that in the paper a few weeks back and it's quite interesting I guess. Dunno.