when I was young and stupid (er)


Eunji's present is just too pretty ): too bad it's food so I have to eat it.

Well yesterday was my birthday, and I'm officially 15 now. So I can legally start driving and kill myself lolol. >: ok maybe not.

It's like 11pm but I really felt like updating closer to my bday haha >< today I'm gonna share some stories of when i was young and stupid (don't you guys love these stories)

ok... well once, I was in like y1 and we were making mothers day cards or something. And I got this orange piece of paper, and my friend had this blue piece. being the snobby 5 year old ass I was, I snidely said (probably in an uppity voice) "Haha shame look I got a girl's colour and you got a boy's colour~~" and then my friend did the whole grass thing and went up to the teacher and was like "ms ____, are there such things as girl colours and boy colours?" and the teacher was like "no there aren't, all colours are just colours." and then my friend stuck out her tongue at me ): thats why I don't have a favourite colour anymore lolol. I don't want to be biased and turn back into my stupid 5 year old self.

in y2, me and this boy were like pushing lego bricks under one of the folding walls in the classroom and giggling really loudly and then the teacher was like "winnieeeeee............" in her whole disapproving stare tone thing. and back then I was like so shy D: so I was so embarrassed and felt bad about it for like 2 weeks after that occurred.... also in y2, we had a reliever and we were doing something with paper, and I couldn't like cut it or something, so I went to the teacher and asked her to do it for me... and I didn't say 'please' or something, so she gave me this whole big lecture and I burst into tears ): I hate that reliever. she was the bitch that called me a little boy.

in y3, I remember in chinese school I had to write my birthdate and I couldn't remember what year I was born, but I knew it had like 1 9 and 3. so I took a wild guess and wrote down 30 July 1339.

in y4, I was made to dance with this creepy korean boy in my class (because I was too tall lol...) and the teacher was like "ok now hold hands" and we were both liek "rafjdslkjawefsklsflaskadsf. nooooo." and the teacher was like "are you going to do this or not? if you don't want to I can get you to clean the classroom or something..." DDD: I WAS MORTIFIED OK I was such a goodie goodie omfg lol I was scared of her for like the whole term.

in y5 I wrote many retarded stories about neopets. Don't make me retype them please lolol...


see, at least not all my years in primary were idiotic. lol well anyway this has been a recap of the first few years of my 15 years I can remember, of the stupid things I did. So dw I'm not a super brain or anything, I'm probably more stupid than most people lol XD

looking forward to the future~


pic of a sketch I'm working on right now lol fasdklfjaskl I THOUGHT it looked ok but she just looks angus lol T_T this one killed my 4b... actually. it's dead now. it's this short |-------------| <- life size but I can't finish it this week cuz we have CHAPEL. ga --- I MEAN. STRAIGHT. DDD:

well nothing's happened out of the ordinary. I dunno why I'm even updating I just felt like it I guess.

OMFG don't you get freaked out when people stare at you. I get self conscious lol D: I was at baddy today and this guy at our club kept staring at me. i was like aSDFJ:KAWRSJDF:KSAFJK:Ds STOP STARING YOU HO IS IT CUZ I HAVE A PIMPLE ON MY FACE TODAY?!?!!? D< It wasn't so bad at first cuz I thought he was gonna actually say something to me (USUALLY when you stare at someone you're gonna talk to them right?) but he DIDN'T. he just kept staring DDDD<

So, if anyone reading this is someone who stares at people for no reason continuously, I hate you. You and your eyes. ): and if you're someone who does that as well as play electric guitar, I doubly hate you so GTFO my page.

lol no im jk I love you all (: keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer....

ugh life is so boring right now. I feel like all I'm doing is waiting for laina yj and ji to get back and spend an awesome week together before going to camp. you know what's in that changeover week? mathex, physics trip and social (: why am I looking forward to mathex more than the social oh god there must be something wrong with me.

I can't wait to get back to china as well X3 screw camp, it's just a stop I have to go through before the ULTIMATE PRIZE... CHINURRR =D yaaaay cheap stuff~~~~~ man I can't wait. most ppl are like 'omfg kahunui in 27 days ahurrrrr i can't waiiit' and i'm like 'omfg china in 27 days + a month ahurrrrrrr i can't waiiiit X3'

lol this page is gonna show up on google radar now that i typed the name of our camp ):

hi random googlers (:

kk i have nothing else to rant about lol cyu bloggers... for now.



Align Leftposters... bottom left:renji (triggermann)

bottom right: ichigo vs ryuk (jerry)

top right: 'big enough for both of us' (emila) so cutee~~

bookmarks and business cards lool. by tammy, jerry, sherry, steven from nexus vii did the soul eater bookmark and canidae did the awesome penguin on bear bookmark which I now love =D and a print of one of kaze-hime's arts but that's old lol :|

Artbooks... clockwise from top left: in a few words by hiyaku studio, engage by hiyaku studio, anthology by amanda and kaylee, biohazard by claire and Jpac by jerry (aka jpac rofl)

I also got 2 pins of neku (From amanda) and ichigo (from kaylee) but I forgot to take a photo so yeah :) anyway it was super fun ^^ even though I was a customer and I was only there for about 2 hours with rui. I might be selling next year so everyone should come ^^ and since I'm so nice, I'm going to provide everyone with bags to store their goods and provide rubber bands for bigger posters. Do you know why? because today, I had to run around asking all the exhibitors for a plastic bag until I finally got one for free from the nice guy at the manga stand. and then I found that rui's poster was getting crushed cuz it wasn't rolled up, so we walked all the way to westfield and then they said they don't sell rubber bandssssss. So I had to spend 2 bucks on a pack of hairties which I can never use since my hair is short. sigh... it was a good experience to run around anyway ^^ made everything more fun for me lol is that normal?

I felt so sorry for some of the artists who weren't being crowded around though. this was this one poor guy who I looked through the folder of and he was like 'thank you~' with this begging look in his eyes as if to say 'support me~ buy something~ i'm poor~ feel sorry for me~' ):

I spent over 50 dollars today. T_T my poor wallet. I even paid for lunch so that didn't really help... sigh. another incentive to go sell next year so I can use my profits to buy other's arts. or print-swap :D lool as if my art is even worth any money.

so anyway~ ty to all the exhibitors who were nice to me and stuff you to all the exhibitors who were mean to me (no i'm jk all the exhibitors were nice XD) especially to that nice guy that was managing j-pac's stand who gave me a discount because someone ran off with my reserved print? ahahaha he was gonna give me extra change (I paid $10 and he was gonna give me $14 change) but since I'm nice and I don't take advantage of people like that I pointed it out :) aren't I nice guys? that's right don't think I'm mean to people all the time (with the exception of steph of course lolol)

kk that's all to report really haha ^^; til next time, cyu bloggers~

sleepover update zzz


yup so yujie's sleepover was last night and we still got 7 hours of sleep (well, I did.) so not too bad eh. we ended up talking about stupid stuff cuz we never have anything to talk about orz.

ty for the duck (vanilla latte) and the necklace ^^

titanic is a good movie. my heart will go on is a good song. especially when played like this:
D: i hate this person like i hate electric guitar players. I'm listening to it right now and it's making me so depressed and thoughtful because of the godly way in which it's played.. like it's pulling my feelings out of my heart D: ew don't touch my heart plzzzz.


even if I feel hormonal I can't find a way to express the way I feel... i'm so inadequate. sigh I don't even have anything to be hormonal over, apart from the fact that I'm a teenager. I would be venting out my hormonal feelings on the guy I like normally, but hey guess what I don't like anyone :D woop de doo dah. It feels really strange. And I feel susceptible to start liking some random any minute. Actually it's not that I don't like anyone it's that I like more than one person, and the feelings I have for them are really miniscule and insignificant. Thus can be described as nonexistent. I really wish I had someone tho. just to annoy them, I don't even want a bf, just someone who I feel that strongly about who I can talk to.

god, I'm such a hormonal teenage girl =P



Good god I hate these guys. -jealousyjealousy-

I wish I could play electric guitar. D: nosrsly man lol piano is such a mainstream instrument (ok I know some piano songs are so beautiful they can make ur ears bleed but that's besides the case). And these guys' skillz make my ears bleed too. not to mention there are only a handful of girls who can play electric guitar (YUI~~~) andI WANNA LEARNNNNN =3= sigh I hate those guys in bands who play electric guitar with godly skills ): and I want their guitar too. except if it's ugly.

so it's friday...
not that long til the holidays end already 1/2way thru wtf man laina you wasted all my holiday time by inviting me out ):

I haven't started shading kim's dog
I haven't started sketching lucy's dog
haven't thought of an idea for english speech (cue steph's OMFG I FORGOT here)
haven't started kumon
haven't practised piano... orz no willpower


I managed to finish yujie's cat in one day
make a youtube video (something ive always wanted to do lolol)
watched kungfu panda (movie of awesomeness, pun intended)
I levelled my sin to 39 on maplestory ok call me a nerd shut up
mailed present & letter to melody

haha I really need to do a lot of stuff |: oh well.

cyu bloggers, will report on yujie's party on.. tues/wed if i can