hm random stuff

well this week has been boring. nothing much happened, only exams T.T

hm well on wednesday I had my gender questioned. I was waiting for my brother to get out of swimming and this lil boy asked his sister (who was still quite young) "is that a guy or a girl?" and then the girl looked at me and said "I think it's a guy." =.=

and on saturday I performed at a piano concert and I just have to say that I've never seen so many blatantly gay guys gather in one place. Even the mum of another pianist said that 'they all look very handsome, but they also look.... you know what I'm talking about eh? -suggestive nudge-'

hm I bought a necklace today. It was $23 I got it on sale for $10 not bad not bad. its pretty ^^

going through my wardrobe, found an extremely short skirt lol: yay for stripes.

ah yeah cbs thinking about more to type, thats all for this week i guess lol. i'll post my exam results up when I get them all back ^^


steph said...

GOSH YOU COMMENT HUNGRY NOOB. Lol. Jokes. Anywho, sad little gender confused kiddies - you ought to have slapped them lol... Screw the necklace, WHAT ABOUT THE HOODY DDD: I seriously want it.

Lol the short skirt. It doesn't look all that short to me, from da pic anywho. It looks nice actually though I'd never wear it cos I'mma skirtophobe.