bf/gf meme

I found this on dA.. and I thought it was finally time to come clean to you people. (:


Must do it only if you currently have a gf/bf. Be honest. No secrets.

1. Are you going out with anyone?
Yes I am... but bernie and steph, it's not X. =D

2. How long have you been going out with that person?
Not very long, about a month now.

3. How did you two end up together?
Hm I was interested in him for a bit but this was another guy I liked more. But, I wasn't allowed to go out with that guy and this one just happened to come by and give me an opportunity to be with him. I like him more now <3

4. Have you ever gone out with anyone else in your life before that person?
Yeah... but he wasn't very good. He was fun to be with but he got on my nerves a lot and looks didn't really appeal to me.

5. And the one you've had the longest relationship with?
The first~ since I've only been with my current one for a month haha.

6. What colour best describes your lover?
Black =P He's hot like that.

7. Any interesting memories?
When we first met... he had a skinned elbow. I remember thinking about why he didn't put a bandage on it, until I just kind of gave up and began to think that he just didn't mind having a skinned elbow. Then I found out that it wasn't his fault lol. I wished I could help him more so he would stop getting himself hurt ==;

8. Do you feel like cheating at all?
Not at all ^^ I'm completely dedicated to my bf~ <3

9. Anything you want to say to your current lover?
He's verrryyyyy quiet... sometimes he's trying to talk to me and I don't pay attention because I can't hear him ): he gets mad at me for that haha.

If you didn't realise, the point of this meme was to talk about your mobile phone. (:
HAHA you guys didn't seriously think I was going out with someone right XD


confuzzled said...

That did not make ANY sense whatsoever. Seriously.