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ok, for the purposes of this entry, I will type out what kevjumba said in his most recent video (because I know steph can't have swearing/sexual humour in her living room, and this is SO TRUE =D)

Question: What kind of grade do you get in high school?
Answer: Nope, I am definitely not a straight A student. See, this is how it works. Amongst everyone, my grades are above average. But amongst asian people, my grades are below average.
When you're not asian, lets say you're white, A means AWESOME. A means you did great. B still means you're doing pretty good, it means you're doing better than many other students. C means you're slipping a little bit but you're still doing ok. D means you're not doing too good which pretty much means you're below average. And then an F, sometimes you'll get an F, and that just means you failed.
When you're asian, it's a lot different. An A, an A doesn't stand for awesome anymore, it stands for Average. B stands for Bad. Cuz when you make a B, you're already below average. All the other asians are making As. C stands for Crap. It means you're doing terrible, your parents are probably gonna lecture you, they're gonna yell at you, they're probably gonna spank you a few times... D stands for Death. Uh, your parents are probably gonna threaten to kill you. And then an F stands for F***ed, cuz you know what, your parents are probably gonna abandon you, they might try to send you to boarding school... terrible things happen.
Me, I'm below average for an asian, I make As, mostly Bs, and sometimes Cs, so my parents hate me and they call me a failure at life. -sigh-

lol ahhh i wanted to share this. oh and this: it's retarded but still funny (maybe I just have a strange sense of humour)

Aight, have fun everyone, til next update i guess XD


steph said...

Lols true with the grades thing though we got Excellence, Merit and Achieved... So yeah...

Haven't watched video yet. Shall do so in a moment.

Oh and BTW with the Step Up 2 thing... Kinda expected it. I mean look at Moose. He's kinda midgetty and his face looks younger. Way younger than ugly blonde brother of the supposedly hot uptight school principal who Laina now adores. Lols.