time for school again D:

sigh.. last day of the long weekend. I feel unaccomplished, and I fell back even further on kumon. @_@ arghh... gaygaygay.
oh yeah, I looked up step up 2 today after I came home, and it turns out the guy who plays moose is only 15.
As quoted by yujie : "WTF? BUT HE HAS LIKE, REAL ABS!"

ahhh yeah.
my parents are watching zorro downstairs :3 I just finished watching house.

I got hit on by 2 masochistic 10 year olds today.
I was waiting for the bus and they came up to me and sat next to me really really close ==; and kept going 'nice shoes' or 'are you going to see a movie today too?' and smiling like retards like :)...
I was like "umm... how old are you?" and they said, "I'm 20." and then the other one said "I'm 25. See, I'm taller than him." I was rofling in my head. turns out they thought I was like 20 or something and thot it would be funny to mock an adult asian nerd =P
so anyway, I say they're masochistic because then they started to lie in the middle of the road and spinning the bus stop schedule and punching it, trying to skin their knuckles.
yup, I live in such an awesome neighbourhood.


stephae said...

ROFLS. Kids these days eh Woony? I mean WTF. What kinda weird retarded neighbourhood do you live in?

Funnae that they thought you were 20 though. You and your tallness. Jeez.