super huge mega entry of doom

omgz theres an elefant in da way D:

LOL whenever I see that I always crack up. So yes, after many days, I have finally gotten my access to blogger back. ^^ therefore, I have to make a super huge mega entry of doom in order to say everything I Feel like saying at this time and in the times in the past which I would have updated in by couldn't. (don't mind if that sentence didn't make sense, I'm listening to fall out boy ==)

So yeah. Now that I think about there there isn't really much to say lol ):
ok I guess I will speak to my retarts. Sorry that I won't tell you who X is, but I'm sorry, it's just what I feel like. I'm the type of person who tries to use her head but can't and end up impulsively acting on emotion. Therefore, there isn't really a reason why I won't tell you. It's just that I don't feel like it. And well about what I said about not knowing why you like someone... it's true. I have no idea why the hell I like him. O_o and my emotions are also spastic did you know? like some days I really like him and other days I just think of him as a friend and the thought of me liking him creeps me out. ROFL I'm not weird D: but the point is that even on the days I like him I don't really want to go anywhere with those feelings. It's possible to like someone but still want to remain friends. I sincerely think that. I would seriously reject him if he asked me out.

and now that that's out of the way let's have another random piece of humour! :)

"the opposite of pro is totally noob. wtf you noob teacher can't even mark properly!"

UH HUH. ok next point :) Happy new year everyone! I still have to discuss my new years resolutions with steph sometime, but they'll mainly be...
a) get fitter
b) be tidier
c) be more productive
d) get richer
e) become more confident
f) improve chinese & drawing
g) make more friends and get to know some of my old friends better ^^

next section!!!

I'm not sexist.

Wow this is going well. I think I'm going to have a new blog layout up soon after I post this blog layout. Orange is kinda bugging me now ): and I also have to read bernie's new emo entry.
I'm going to the cosplay picnic on the 26th this month ^^ well hopefully I can make it anyway... oh yeah, mum said that I can go and get a haircut tomorrow at the hairdressers! This will be the first time i've ever gone to the hairdressers heeheehee. but I have to wake up early ): mum said that she'll leave me at home if I sleep in.

huh I think I've really run out of things to say. I thought I would start a rant about something that bugged me but I don't really feel like it now that I think about it. so now I guess I'll conclude this blog rofl. It's not that long now that I look at it...? actually bernie's blogs are only large because she uses a lot of paragraphs. do I use a lot of paragraphs? o_o

something I've been doing during the past few days.. is watching youtubers. these guys are actually pretty funny (or am i just easily amused...) anyway, I've included this one. the funniest bit is the bit in the end with the lil kid. because lil kids always = humour. XD don't watch if your parents are in the room or you don't like swearing or sick humour tho.

Yeah that's all lol. :| wow this is kinda short for a super huge mega entry of doom? mm maybe next time I'll make an even longer one ;D


your new year's resolution buddy said...

Whoa that was a big entry DDD: That was one very long paragraph about X but despite your philosophicalness, I still must ask. WHO'S X? 8D

If you were sitting next to me right now, would you slap me for that? ROFL. I think so.

So anyways... yes we do need to have a New Year's Resolution talk even though it's already been more than a week into 2008 xD Good to see you listening to Fall Out Boy - and yes it does tend to distract you cos Patrick Stump sings good even if he is a ging. GING. =D Lol I'm ranting now. I'll shut up.

BTW - You might wanna have a look at your layout. Must say, it's pretty but some words to the far right get cut off a bit DDD: But that's just my perfectionist side talking. Ignore.

zmallet said...

I fixed it. ^^


bARRBEY said...

WHO'S X???

I like d) in your list.

OOh . . .i need to ask you something.
About computers 0.0

we should go out again and do our retart thing.