my eventful sunday... orly?!

Ok first thing first, I can't seem to view my own comments on my own blog entries but can view other people's... cuz of the weird firewall which my dad put up. but dw I'll read them sometime when they're not blocked ^^

Today was just... aghhhh i thought I was dying...
so I went to art class and got these huge as stomach cramps... well at first they weren't too bad so I kind of ignored them and kept drawing. and then during last 20 mins they got so bad I was like -head on desk clutching stomach-... I think the girl next to me thought I was mental or something. well yeah I tried to keep drawing but found I couldn't even concentrate on holding the pen properly and my vision was going kind of fuzzy... so I packed everything away and walked over to the teacher's sofa where I actually collapsed into. Like seriously, I thought I was going to just fall over. I was sweating a lot and my stomache hurt so much my vision started going all orange...

and then teacher comes over to me and goes "oh you're tired?"
and I'm just like -clutches stomache and nods-

well he just left me alone after that. I went to the toilet and sat on the floor trying to get into a position so that the cramps would stop but gah... (you see it's kind of weird for other students if I did this in the same room as them) but in the end I just went back and found some lady sitting in my sofa D< so I sat on the floor next to her and kept clutching my stomache ><

and then she left so I reclaimed my sofa and still was writhing about in pain when teacher comes up to me again and goes, "wow, you must be pretty tired :)" when he saw me closing my eyes... (that was actually so that the pain wasn't so bad...)

I'm like thinking "yeah I'm writhing in the seat clutching my stomach I'm sure that's cuz I'm tired =="

I had to sit there wriggling about for like 40 mins before my mum came. GOD she was so late. There were like 3 other students left out of like 20 when she came. The guy who was drawing closest to the sofa which I was sitting on kept looking at me while I was paining away in the seat D: well he helped me pick up my art folder when I was halfway through my dying spasm and couldn't move but yeah that was it.

aaaa... then my mum finally came. and then guess what? she took me all the way to henderson. and since I had a sore stomach she left me on the car to fry in the heat for 2 hours. geeez I was dying in there. but about 1 hour in the cramps stopped so that was good...

well yeah can't you tell that I had an awesome day. ==


steph said...

Pauvre Woony D: Have a Smacko! Smackos cure everything, for you anywho - lol. Hah yeah that's happened to me before, you try to ignore it but then it gets worse. I remember - it was Term4 Year 8 and we were takin down all our stuff of walls and it got so bad I could stand up straight to take down posters lol.

Mommy and Daddy bought me Sims 2 Castaway on Wii! It's addictive lol - aren't I such a loser? Trev got Transformers lol. TRANSFORMERS MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE, TRANSFORMERS ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! Is it sad that I know the song and the character names? D:

Btw - you ought to have said something to your art teacher. Or slapped him/her. Oh and also slapped the brownie that took your sofa. NO ONE TAKES MY DOG'S SOFA. Except me 8D