Just a random spur of the moment entry.


:D the above are the nici keychains I got from steph this year. the alligator is called Gaygay and was given to me in july for my birthday. I got the cow today for xmas. XD What should I name it... someone was like "its name is sojo." (yeah i dunno where they got that either)

only 2 days of school left~ I can't wait for it to be all over and then I can spend 3 days at home, get bored, be like WTF and go around making people go places with me.

like next monday i'm going with the retarts somewhere. go us?

tomorrow afternoon I guess I'm going newmarket with my fellow mollerinas... dunno what i'll do that since im already broke. -buys a cup and sits on side of road begging-

lol there is actually nothing to talk about. Oh yeah I finished my clearance form today and was surprised that I actually had no library fines. I quickly gave it to form teacher so that I wouldn't lose it and have to start again raghasrflwj. poor yujie lost it for the 2nd time rofl

maybe I'll go on a spaz now and vent anger for several more paragraphs in order to fatten up the entry and vent anger which I don't feel at the moment. XD
(so if you want, don't take the next few paragraphs seriously, but you do have to admit that I have a good point.)
well ok. I've noticed recently that some of my friends just don't know me at all >> like seriously, I'm trying to do something and they're like "omg wtf you don't do that you're too loserly" or something along those lines. sometimes it's fine since it's obvious it's a joke but those people who just don't know when to shut up say it every 2 seconds and that just pisses me off sometimes. it's like being pushed back down because it's not part of your 'image' or whatever. yeah, I'm asian so I HAVE to be smart. And I'm smart so I MUST study in my spare time and have no life, and I CAN'T be popular... and why do people find the need to rub that i didn't get a prize at prizegiving this year in my face? == I don't care anymore lol since I know that I've actually gotten better results than some of the people on that list and I don't know how they order things but it doesn't bother me cuz I know what I've achieved. but it sometimes gets annoying when people bring it up all of a sudden expecting you to be all depressed.
like really lol even my own mum did that. so I told her I'm going to newmarket tomorrow afternoon and she's like "wtf why are you going to newmarket don't you have to focus on studying I mean you didn't even get a prize in prizegiving this year are you even trying?" -expecting violent outburst-
and im just like... "errrr.... yeah.... im sorry if they don't give me a prize because I don't try in class... hey i only got 2 merits though. I wonder what would've happened if I tried..." and shes just like cracking up in the front seat.
yeah i'm normal.

i can't have a violent outburst lol im not angry enough >> -txting x-
byebye. XD


Stephobia said...

Hehe - glad you like your pressies 8D Could you name the cow Daisy after Daisy the Cow who went to Barbados? Or... erm... SuperMoo? MooMoo? OMG ROFL NAME IT 'STRAIGHTSTRAIGHT' <<< IT MATCHES GAYGAY. xDDD

Btw - I dun like your emo entry part D: Twas depressing and makes me think that I do those things that make Woony triste D:

Bernaiana said...


I wanna call it MALOO . . .
and it's Gaygay JNR!


I'm not the emo one anymore XP

what does triste mean?
You told me yesterday
but i forgot