my eventful sunday... orly?!


Ok first thing first, I can't seem to view my own comments on my own blog entries but can view other people's... cuz of the weird firewall which my dad put up. but dw I'll read them sometime when they're not blocked ^^

Today was just... aghhhh i thought I was dying...
so I went to art class and got these huge as stomach cramps... well at first they weren't too bad so I kind of ignored them and kept drawing. and then during last 20 mins they got so bad I was like -head on desk clutching stomach-... I think the girl next to me thought I was mental or something. well yeah I tried to keep drawing but found I couldn't even concentrate on holding the pen properly and my vision was going kind of fuzzy... so I packed everything away and walked over to the teacher's sofa where I actually collapsed into. Like seriously, I thought I was going to just fall over. I was sweating a lot and my stomache hurt so much my vision started going all orange...

and then teacher comes over to me and goes "oh you're tired?"
and I'm just like -clutches stomache and nods-

well he just left me alone after that. I went to the toilet and sat on the floor trying to get into a position so that the cramps would stop but gah... (you see it's kind of weird for other students if I did this in the same room as them) but in the end I just went back and found some lady sitting in my sofa D< so I sat on the floor next to her and kept clutching my stomache ><

and then she left so I reclaimed my sofa and still was writhing about in pain when teacher comes up to me again and goes, "wow, you must be pretty tired :)" when he saw me closing my eyes... (that was actually so that the pain wasn't so bad...)

I'm like thinking "yeah I'm writhing in the seat clutching my stomach I'm sure that's cuz I'm tired =="

I had to sit there wriggling about for like 40 mins before my mum came. GOD she was so late. There were like 3 other students left out of like 20 when she came. The guy who was drawing closest to the sofa which I was sitting on kept looking at me while I was paining away in the seat D: well he helped me pick up my art folder when I was halfway through my dying spasm and couldn't move but yeah that was it.

aaaa... then my mum finally came. and then guess what? she took me all the way to henderson. and since I had a sore stomach she left me on the car to fry in the heat for 2 hours. geeez I was dying in there. but about 1 hour in the cramps stopped so that was good...

well yeah can't you tell that I had an awesome day. ==

ahahaha finally, an update?


so, what's kept me so long?
well I got pokemon diamond for christmas. so yes, I have been nerding away on my ds for a couple of days now ahurhurhur...

ok well I haven't updated in a long time ._.

on monday me, bernie and steph went to bernie's house and then went to newmarket where we contemplated about whether we should go to sylvia park for about 10 mins with laina and jimin.
yeah, can't remember anything else about monday since it was so long ago.

then on tuesday I went to laina's house where yujie jimin and steph were as well. We stuffed about the whole day and did nothing except eat, talk, straighten steph's hair (which laina hated) and then mine which didn't really do much except have nice smelling spray stuff in my hair for the rest of the day and read magazines lol. yeah, we are so cool.

I did nothing on wednesday except stay at home and scan pictures in and draw :D

and on thursday I went out with my mum to henderson where she sold a house and then we went out for lunch. They really need to stop hiring pretty boys for waiters == it's distracting. i'm trying to eat and then he picks up the teapot and im like WOAH PRETTY BOY -stare- It's depressing. ): those guys are prettier than me... -goes emo in the corner- after lunch we went to the warehouse to do christmas shopping where we spent like 200 bucks on gifts. I bought the evermore album =P then at night we went out as a family to ponsonby to see the christmas lights on franklin road ^^ they were really pretty.

and today, friday... went out with joy, ally, tara and steph to newmarket where we saw enchanted which was cheesy but still pretty good and LOL that prince is awesome. he has the best lines ever XD then basically waited for joy and ally to finish trying on clothes in supre already >>; bought some eyeliner to be emo with lol and hitched a ride with steph back home. come to think of it I should've bought lip gloss as well anyway since I still had 6 bucks rofl

so now laina is in christchurch, bernie's in rotorua, half of my asian friends are in china and yeah D: there's nothing to do...
nz sucks...

wow my life is so interesting...
not really. XD

goodbye year 9


wow it's really over. my year as a turd is over for real. so next year i'll be a 4th former. holy damn. and i'm turning 15 next july..
time is moving way too fast...

and why everyone so sad that bernie's leaving? i don't think it's sinking in for me yet or something cuz for some reason i'm not that sad at all lol -i sound so evil rofl- hopefully i can still see her at badminton and stuff~

damn now that I think about it I haven't achieved anything this year. I've wasted so much time... 4 more years of school before we graduate altogether... it's like... nothing.
that's approximately 1460 days. and only about 3/4 of that time is at school...
1406 days....
35040 hours....
2102400 minutes....
(excuse calculator-less math)
hell. that's nothing.

it's all going wayyyy toooo fastttt..... sometimes I just wish time would stop and I could appreciate the world for just a second without time moving by all the while. I can still go through every event of my last day at primary school clearly as though it was imprinted in my mind fresh from just a few days ago. and yet, it's already been 3 long years...
no, 3 short years.
and in another 3 short years I'll be looking at my last year of school.
that's just too short for me.

why won't time stay still?
the days are so long yet the years are so short...
even in those moments when you feel as if everything is still, it's still moving on...
leaving us behind in its footprints.
and the problem is that you never know what you're meant to be doing until the time is all gone. and even then, you still don't know what you should've done with it, but you're just sad that it's all gone.

all the good times that seem so far away... why are we as humans never content with our place in time? we're always dreading the future and never thinking about the past in the same way as we thought of them while we were there.
Does time really exist?
or is it just another human invention which eats us all up?
either way time is moving on with a pace too fast for me personally to catch up with..

btw bernie, what should I do with connie's dictionary?

Just a random spur of the moment entry.



:D the above are the nici keychains I got from steph this year. the alligator is called Gaygay and was given to me in july for my birthday. I got the cow today for xmas. XD What should I name it... someone was like "its name is sojo." (yeah i dunno where they got that either)

only 2 days of school left~ I can't wait for it to be all over and then I can spend 3 days at home, get bored, be like WTF and go around making people go places with me.

like next monday i'm going with the retarts somewhere. go us?

tomorrow afternoon I guess I'm going newmarket with my fellow mollerinas... dunno what i'll do that since im already broke. -buys a cup and sits on side of road begging-

lol there is actually nothing to talk about. Oh yeah I finished my clearance form today and was surprised that I actually had no library fines. I quickly gave it to form teacher so that I wouldn't lose it and have to start again raghasrflwj. poor yujie lost it for the 2nd time rofl

maybe I'll go on a spaz now and vent anger for several more paragraphs in order to fatten up the entry and vent anger which I don't feel at the moment. XD
(so if you want, don't take the next few paragraphs seriously, but you do have to admit that I have a good point.)
well ok. I've noticed recently that some of my friends just don't know me at all >> like seriously, I'm trying to do something and they're like "omg wtf you don't do that you're too loserly" or something along those lines. sometimes it's fine since it's obvious it's a joke but those people who just don't know when to shut up say it every 2 seconds and that just pisses me off sometimes. it's like being pushed back down because it's not part of your 'image' or whatever. yeah, I'm asian so I HAVE to be smart. And I'm smart so I MUST study in my spare time and have no life, and I CAN'T be popular... and why do people find the need to rub that i didn't get a prize at prizegiving this year in my face? == I don't care anymore lol since I know that I've actually gotten better results than some of the people on that list and I don't know how they order things but it doesn't bother me cuz I know what I've achieved. but it sometimes gets annoying when people bring it up all of a sudden expecting you to be all depressed.
like really lol even my own mum did that. so I told her I'm going to newmarket tomorrow afternoon and she's like "wtf why are you going to newmarket don't you have to focus on studying I mean you didn't even get a prize in prizegiving this year are you even trying?" -expecting violent outburst-
and im just like... "errrr.... yeah.... im sorry if they don't give me a prize because I don't try in class... hey i only got 2 merits though. I wonder what would've happened if I tried..." and shes just like cracking up in the front seat.
yeah i'm normal.

i can't have a violent outburst lol im not angry enough >> -txting x-
byebye. XD

tetris and ally's party


last night I got up to level 7 with 12398 points. yes, I am cool. :)

today was ally's party~~ it was so fun. even tho me and steph were outcasts when they went swimming and we just stood around. but then they came up to us and started squirting us with water :(
"ASSSSSSSShole....s" (in voicebreaking voice)
and we had dominoes pizza in the rain on the trunk of a bmw. yes we are just awesome like that and yeah, we could afford a bmw but not a table :( all the people walking past were like wtf.

and then we went back to ally's house and had cake. ^^ it was pretty good for cake (i dislike cake.) and the sprite was good.

and then we started playing on the ps2 and steph was being all non participant like so they associated me with her and made me not play either. :( i actually would've liked to lol

and then after everyone left (my mum was gonna be and hour and 15 mins late...) i played singstar with joy & ally. XD and i ALMOST tied with joy on 'imagine'... (i was like. 100 points behind) and then we did sweet home alabama (which I have never heard of by the way) and i pwned her :P I was like 1000 points ahead when she gave it to ally who sung the rest of it and by the end i still still 2000 points ahead. XD yeah I think it was a fluke too
but I'd still like to singstar on a song which I actually know.
and then we just played tekken. and we all got thrashed multiple times. i prefer dead or alive :(

short entry hehe. oh well tomorrow i have school >> one more week to go at least
lets try to survive the last few days together right~



hey i actually managed to get some maths done

well life is just dandy. 5 more days til the holidays~~ berniiieeee and stephhhh we should go out sometime during the first week when bernie's still here :D
but not on the 20th cuz I'm going to watch 1408 with alice, jamie and yiming (who is definitely NOT x.)

@ chinese today... we did a 读一读... and it was with a '爸爸' 妈妈'' and a '云云' (which is a girl by the way). and so the teacher was like:

"who wants to be the mum? let's get a guy to be the mum." so then she chose this guy to be the mum.
"now who wants to be the dad? hmm..."
and '云云' ended up being a guy too. poor kid... and then in the end when he didn't read it properly and couldn't read like 1/2 the words he was like "it's not my fault! It's traumatizing having gay parents!"
hahaahhaah chinese class is fun.

tomorrow is ally's party! I am going! yay! ally gets a box of roses and no $40 hair straightener because a) it probably wouldn't work on ally and b) my parents are cheap.

oh i still haven't done the molly quiz 2 because i can't send it without first class >> gay.
have fun everyone and have a nice weekend before enduring the last 5 days of hell and then GOING ON HOLIDAY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

so here is my xmas list...
* pretty stationery
* y12 maths crap so I can continue studying without having to buy my own
* 2 million dollar house plz
* to spend some time with friends during the holidays
* have fun during the holidays and not get sick ^^
* for bernie and steph to stop begging me about x who is eunji btw (but it's impossible for them..)
* well it would be nice to see x sometime but i guess that's impossible too haha. the next best thing would be to get over x but that's hard.
* try not to get TORTURED ANY MORE D:

bernie made me D:


since bernie loves reading about my life so much, I'm going to update my blog again just for her sake. (i'm so nice to the kids :D)

nothing really interesting has happened in the last few days though.
Oh, I've had a number of accidents in the time space of yesterday and today:
-ran into a stack of chairs
-tripped over a desk
-scraped hand along wall
-burnt by kimberley's hot glue gun
-walked into kitchen counter
-NEARLY walked into stair rail but AVOIDED IT!!
-slipped on wet grass and scraped my arm along concrete path
obviously the bad luck I've gained from not forwarding chainmails has started to work.

I feel bad eating chocolate right now, cuz ill get fat >> but i dunno what else to do with it lol...

It's come to my attention that I need to get better at maths. not just cuz I SUCK but I do think that I can get better with my present understanding of numbers but school obviously isn't teaching me anything so i have to do it myself.
except the world hates me and whenever i start to do hardcore study or something 5 people log into msn and start talking to me (and i just can't prioritise maths over msn im afraid).

pretty gay though cuz sometimes I can't think of how to do a problem and when I look the solution I wonder how I never thought of that >< so someone pro~ help me with maths~

urgh i feel sick from the chocolate ><

but its friday today at least ^^ and im going to ally's party on sunday wooooop. me steph and laina will be nerds on the beach =P
hopefully its sunny so i can get rid of my sock tan... but looking @ the weather I really doubt it ><


oh well. my life is pretty good though despite everything else. I'm feeling a lot better than I was say 2 weeks ago when I was as depressed as... a depressed person can be.

so yeah. bernie, i hope you're content with this waffling and now I will go and answer ally's email (molly quiz 2).



like, funner than school.
(well that's not too hard..) but still.
I went to parliament :D we went on one of those free tours but our tourguide was funny so that was ok. and then I started to see other kids like me, except they were in uniform whereas I had the initiative to get changed later so I didn't look like a retard walking around the city in full uniform. And there was this hot guy from botany downs secondary there. yeah, sue me. I couldn't resist saying that.

After that, my parents got this other family to take a photo for us. And then we took a photo for them as well. The little girl was sooo cute XD
(btw the reason I went to wellington was cuz of a prizegiving I was meant to go to for the NSW ICAS tests)

hahaahha but yeah and then we walked around the city some more and had lunch at Matsuri Sushi~~ and I txted Ji.

AND like half an hour before the prizegiving started I turned off my phone. And when I was next to the stage I was mentally thinking "don't trip over the microphone..."
ironically when I checked my phone later steph had given me the same advice >>;;

the food was nice as. there were like sandwiches, juice, cake, biscuits, these lil chocolate filled pastries... and that was only on my side of the room. :D (i didn't get to go the other side cuz there were so many people...)

I got a medal. It's a friggin shiny medal with my name on it! X3 so awesome. well that was after like 2 hours of sitting and clapping. AND 'LO BEHOLD. the guy I was sitting next to was the same guy from that family which took our photo in the morning! XD some coincidence. I never knew bucklands beach intermediate's uniform was blue...

So after that we went to have dinner at some malaysian place and then got a taxi to the airport.
and guess who was there waiting for the same flight?
yeah. that family which took our photo.

so I got onto the plane. and then I notice that the same hot guy from this morning is sitting in the seat in front of me~ (yes he was asian, yes he was talllllll. :D and i presume he is smart too.) and since we got a booklet with everyone's names in it I can stalk him. It's really weird cuz although he had acne (i'm thinking it was acne... lol it wasn't that bad though ^^) I still thought he was hot. I think it's because all his features were in the right place. He looked a bit like a korean version of Wu Zun.. (but I presume none of my friends have even heard of him lol)
but you know what I noticed?
HIS HANDS WERE HAIRY LIKE MINE. XD SEEEEEEE i'm not the only one!!! but his problem isn't as bad as mine. >>;
After observing for about 30 mins I got the impression that he was the kind of guy with a rather flat personality. So although I admit he is hot I have no emotional feelings towards him. as opposed to X who has average looks but is a lot more interesting...

Sad though. It's a pity that he was like y12 or 13. (if you've worked it out by now you'd know that I go for good looking tall & smart asian guys who are normally older but still in high school.. haha... as if that'll ever get me anywhere.)

and tomorrow I have to go to school again. ><

wooo how is it floating like that...?

internet nerding.


Yeah aren't I cool. I'm at my desk with 2 laptops =P my face has been blanked out for safety reasons involving your health.

so anyway today has been reallllyyyyy uneventful. But tomorrow I'm going Sylvia Park with my fellow retarts so that should be better. by the way I still have no idea when we're gonna go home.

We'll go and raid Yujie's ice cream stall :) well hopefully I'll have enough money anyway.

OMG i was vacuuming the house today and the vacuum exploded. ROFL like, it was overheating and everything and giving off steam I was like AAAAAAAAAAA. but yeah now it's downstairs being fixed by dad... I never actually got to finish vacuuming. >> I wonder if I'll still get paid anyway.

Isnt that sad? my only source of cash income as a 14 year old is vacuuming my house. I should really go and beg a job from Yujie's dad.

So YEAHHH check it out I updated my blog layout!! It's better than the normal templates >> I dislike blogger's templates. The templates at livejournal are much prettier ^^
By the way I'm neglecting my LJ from now on I think because I'm using Blogspot now.. that's sad. :( I took like an entire afternoon to get my layout on there perfect. (actually it's still not perfect but meh.)

lol right well I don't have much to say. I'll try to take another photo tomorrow and blank out my face too. (and bernie and steph's face if I happen to catch them too. but PSH fat chance.)